Hello. I am Charlie.
You should join Goodfilms.
I play in a band called Brightly.
You should not wear berets.
You should not wear berets.
Public domain footage is the best.
It's not just for Game of Thrones anymore.
No one cares.
Tumblr. All dem feels.
People love the word mashup.
Angular JS & my friends are awesome.
Yeoman & Compass are awesome.
Sinatra & Memcache are awesome.
Some things I learned:
1. Dealing with Heroku is super easy.
1. Dealing with Heroku is super easy expensive.
2. Dealing with caching is not.
3. The things you think will go well rarely do.
4. The opposite is also true.
5. You cannot transition height: auto.
6. But you can use $.innerHeight();
7. You should try Angular.js, because it is wild.
8. You should try Puma, because it is also wild.
9. You should always prepare for more traffic.
10. You should celebrate your success.
Thank you.
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